Java Modelling Tools - JMT

Download JMT

Current Stable JMT Version: 0.9.2

Java Modelling Tools download packages:

  1. FULL Version (includes JMT, installer, manuals, examples, shortcuts) with GRAPHICAL INSTALLER. (Recommended)
    Download it here

  2. JAR Version (includes JMT), NO INSTALLER. (Recommended for users with installation problems)
    Run from command line as: java -jar JMT-singlejar-0.9.2.jar
    Download it here

  3. SOURCES Code is available on the SVN repository of the project.
    Command-line users may perform the following command to download them: svn checkout svn:// jmt
    Otherwise the usage of a graphical client, for example TortoiseSVN, is recommended. Code is compiled and packaged using Apache Maven 3.
    Browse the code repository here

IMPORTANT: It is recommended to uninstall any previous version of Java Modelling Tools before installing a new release.


See license informations in the Licence page.

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