Java Modelling Tools

Project Description

Java Modelling Tools (JMT) is a suite of applications developed by Politecnico di Milano and released under GPL license.

The project aims at offering a complete framework for performance evaluation, system tuning, capacity planning and workload characterization studies.

The current stable version of the suite encompasses six Java applications:

  1. JSIMgraph - Queueing network models simulator with graphical user interface
  2. JSIMwiz - Queueing network models simulator with wizard-based user interface
  3. JMVA - Mean Value Analysis of queueing network models
  4. JABA - Asymptotic Analysis of queueing network models
  5. JWAT - Workload Analysis from log and usage data
  6. JMCH - Markov chain simulator (didactic tool)


Current Stable Version: 0.9.1 (Released 2013-Oct-22)

Development Version: see Sourceforge page. contributions from the community are welcome. Please contact the project mantainer for further informations.


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If you are using JMT for scientific papers, academic lectures, project reports, or technical documents, please help us increasing JMT impact by adding a reference to:

M.Bertoli, G.Casale, G.Serazzi.
JMT: performance engineering tools for system modeling.
ACM SIGMETRICS Performance Evaluation Review, Volume 36 Issue 4, New York, US, March 2009, 10-15, ACM press. (Article) (BibTex)

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